Percy Jackson series'


Aethiopian Drakon- A giant African serpent with rows of sharp teeth.

Agrius & Oreius (Bear Men)- Twin sons of a human and a bear. 8 feet tall, with furry chests, claws for fingernails, and paws for feet, snout-like noses and sharp canine teeth.

Carnivorous Sheep- Sheep the size of hippos on Polyphemus' island, which eat other animals.

Cerberus- Huge black Rottweiler, twice the size of a wooly mammoth, with three heads. The hound of Hades who guards the entrance to the Underworld and prevents the dead from leaving.

Charybdis- One of the monsters who guards the entrance to the Sea of Monsters. To stop sailors entering, she sucks up the sea and everything in it.

Chimera- Huge monster with the head of a lion, a blood-caked mane, the body and hooves of a giant goat. Its tail is a ten- foot- long diamondback snake which grows out of its shaggy behind. Breathes fire.

Clazmonian Sow- Enormous winged female pig with flamingo-pink wings that destroys all in its path and belches poison gas.

Crab- Ten-foot-tall monster crab with mottled blue and green shell and nasty pincers longer than a man's body.

Echidna- Monsterous snake woman with a human head and a snake-like body. Has a forked tongue, vicious fangs, green scally skin and the eyes of a reptile.

Empousae- Horriifying creatures of the Underworld that feed on human flesh. Often appear in mortal form as mean cheerleaders. 

Erymanthian Boar- Thirty foot high wild boar with tusks the size of canoes. Can move extremely fast, so better used as a form of transport than confronted head on.

Flesh Eating horses- frightning horses that eat the flesh of other animals and live in great piles of poop. Ideal for garbage disposal, but a challenge to clean out.

Furies- Three cruel earth goddesses of revenge and retribution. Thry are terrifying creatures with horrible features. Their breath burns and poisonous blood drips from their eyes. Their heads are wreathed in snakes.

Hekatonkheires- (hundred handed ones) Giant gods of violent storms and hurricanes and elder brothers of the Cyclopes. Each had a hundred hands and fifty heads. Ideal to have on your side when assaulting enemies with rocks.

Hellhounds- Huge dogs from hell, with black fur, glowing red eyes, massive strenghth and speed, and the ability, to disappear at will. Almost all are deadly to demigods, with the exception of Mrs. O'Leary, pet to Quintus. She is bigger than a tank, has a bark slightly louder than an artillery gun and can shadow travel.

Hippalektryons- Creatures with the front half of a horse and the back half of a rooster. Their rear feet have huge yellow claws and they have feathery tails and red wings.

Hydra- A scaly monster with nine heads, each one diamond-shaped with a mouth lined with jagged teeth. Each mouth spits poison. If one of its heads is servered, the hydra glows two heads in place of the last one.

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