Percy Jackson series'

 Welcome demigods to Camp Half-Blood. What are demigods, and why are we calling you this? Demigods are half god and half human. You see when the gods (Zeus, Hermes, Athena, etc...) fall in love with mortals they have children often called half-bloods or demigods. Usually your parent would have claimed by  the time you turn thirteen. By claiming we mean kind of weird stuff, stuff like a flaming hammer above your head, or a trident appearing, etc... So, if you have been claimed but have no idea who your parent is, check the greek gods page.

We provide many classes at camp half-blood, Pegasus riding, lava wall climbing, and many more. Here is a map of camp:

 You will get a schedule and it might look like this:

 Confused with all these weird names, then check out our monsters and friends page.

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